Radio: Nusantao Soundscapes

A Speculative History and Picnoleptic Memory of Internetwork Migrants

LIVE Broadcast has ended on March 16, 2018. But you can listen to the archived documentation of the broadcast by pushing the play button. Enjoy!

Nusantao Soundscapes is a one-night-only bar and radio event on March 15 Thursday 18:00-24:00 (Tokyo time). This curatorial radio event engenders a discourse on borderless migrations by reconstructing the memory of seafaring Nusantao poetically as soundscapes, performance, and sound ecology from artists/researchers across the world.

Yannick Dauby (Taiwan), Raya Martin (Philippines), Michael Leung (Hong Kong), Ion Yamazaki (Japan), Pisitakun (Thailand), Syafiatudina (Indonesia), Tomoko Hojo (Switzerland), Elaine W. Ho and Olaf Hochherz (Hong Kong), The Library by Soundpocket (Hong Kong)